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The Board of Directors of Dutchtown South Community Corporation is expanding...join us

Since its founding in 1973, Dutchtown South Community Corporation (DSCC) has been the  organizational heart of the most socially, racially, economically, and architecturally diverse  neighborhoods in the City of St. Louis. Over the course of its 50 years, DSCC has historically  served on the frontier of inclusive community development as pursued through a racial equity  lens. DSCC is a leader in shepherding  the reinvestment in and redevelopment of historic South St. Louis neighborhoods while  mobilizing residents and stakeholders to plan smart, innovative solutions to community-level  challenges.  

Benton Park West ● Dutchtown ● Gravois Park ● Marine Villa ● Mt. Pleasant 


DSCC seeks 5-7 individuals with passion for advancing neighborhood vitality in Southeast St.  Louis to join its Board of Directors. Acting as the highest leadership body of the organization  with recognition of their fiduciary responsibilities, the Board is responsible for: 

● Determining mission & priorities 

● Strategic & operational planning

● Selecting & evaluating the performance   of the Executive Director

● Ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and   financial management

● Fundraising & resource development 

● Enhancing DSCC’s public image


1. Know DSCC’s mission, vision, programs, outcomes, policies, financial position, and needs 2. Prepare for, attend, and conscientiously participate in bi-monthly Board meetings 3. Participate fully on one committee 

4. Serve at least one three-year term 

5. Serve as an active advocate and ambassador for DSCC 

6. Leverage connections, networks, and resources to further DSCC’s mission

7. Give a meaningful (to you) personal financial donation 

8. Follow DSCC’s bylaws, policies and Board resolutions 

9. Sign a conflict-of-interest disclosure; disclose potential and actual conflicts

10. Maintain confidentiality about all internal matters.


You can apply here or send an email indicating your interest to explore a Board position to We’d love to talk with you!

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